Change of Name

A person wishing to obtain a change of name must file a petition in the division of the Probate and Family Court located in the county in which the petitioner lives. The Court must request from the Office of the Commissioner of Probation a criminal record check of the petitioner in the Criminal Activity and Records Information (CARI) system. Public notice of the petition must be given by publication. A copy of the petitioner's birth record, and copies of a record of any previous name changes, if available, must be filed with the Court. If there are objections to the petition, the Court will conduct a trial where the objections are heard. The Court can either dismiss the petition or enter a decree permitting the requested name change. If the name change is permitted, the register will issue a certificate under the seal of the Probate and Family Court, establishing the new name. Additionally, the Office of the Commissioner of Probation must be notified of the name change if the petitioner has a CARI record.

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